By Alfonzo Collazo and Yayne Wondaferow

Reclaimed, repurposed, recycled, full circle. Every brand is talking about it but is every brand living it? Statistics show that beyond labeling it sustainable, the fashion industry has not gotten to a place where full circle fashion is truly practiced.

Every year approximately 17 million tons of textile waste winds up in landfills. That means that only 16% of clothing is recycled or resold. Think of all the people in the world that could use that clothing. Think of how impactful that is to the climate crisis. What if instead of wasting those textiles, we repurposed them to create wearable expressions of charity?

Here at VZC/ Vesey we are committed to a company culture of charity, community, and sustainability. We design with the goal of reducing waste and reducing the plunder of natural resources. We believe that full-circle fashion is more than just calling it recycled. We believe that we can make an impact on the world by reducing waste and tapping into existing resources. If we are committed to truly being sustainable, we can make sure there is a world to continue to look fabulous in.

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