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By Alfonzo Collazo  |  PR Director, VESEY

Fathers are typically identified as men, however they can also be any gender. They are our first mentor, teach us how to swing a bat, take us to the library, and introduce us to our first midnight snack. Across the world, father figures help us find our individual voice, our purpose. 

We often remember our father figures by what they wear or an accessory they favor. Many of our fathers provide style advice; teach us how to tie a tie, drive a car, change a tire, or fry an egg.  Some of our father figures have initiated societal change through their individuality and creative expression, and for that we salute them.

Thanks to the advancement of social media, those who do not have a father figure can connect with other fathers to learn things like oil changes, drain pipe plumbing, and more!

Ultimately, a father figure is knowledge, love, respect, and tenderness. Cheers to our dads and the people who fill that role in our lives!

The style of our fathers and fatherly figures is a tradition with which we can honor them by.


In a global industry dominated by fast, disposable fashion, Vesey Exclusive’s mission is to create quality clothing that not only endures but has a positive impact on the earth. Since 1709, the Vesey family has taken action towards equality for all individuals. 

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