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8 Clothing And Accessory Brands That Give Back To Charity

Shopping is always fun, but what if you could make a difference with your purchase? That’s where charitable clothing and accessory brands come in. These brands use a portion of their profits to support various causes, giving you a chance to do some good while looking stylish.

These are 8 of our favorite clothing and accessory brands that give back to charity:

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1 – TOMS Shoes TOMS is a Certified B Corp that donates 1/3 of its profits to support grassroots organizations. They help someone in need with every product purchase, from earthwise wedge heels to bioplastic eyewear and plant-dyed canvas shoes. The brand focuses on supporting nonprofits that fight for mental health support, ending gun violence, and increasing access to economic opportunity. TOMS customers and over 100 Giving Partners have enriched the lives of more than 100 million people. 2 – Ivory Ella   Ivory Ella dedicates 10% of its annual profits towards saving elephants. One-of-a-kind designs have helped the company donate over $1.3 million to that effort, as well as other charitable causes. The company also gives back through in-kind community donations, charitable sponsorships, employee engagement programs, and donating the proceeds from special clothing collections, such as a Breast Cancer Awareness line. 3 – Tory Burch    The Tory Burch Foundation empowers women entrepreneurs through programs and initiatives that invest in the success and sustainability of women-owned small businesses. The foundation provides access to capital, entrepreneurial education, and mentoring and networking opportunities. Tory Burch’s year-long Fellows Program helps grow small businesses through virtual education, access to an extensive peer network, and a $5,000 grant, among other forms of support. 100% of net proceeds from the Tory Burch Foundation Collection benefit their work to empower women. 4 – Free People    Free People’s Care FP movement is on a mission to increase accessibility to eco-conscious goods with several sustainable brand partnerships, like Levi’s Water<Less jeans, plus their in-house collections made from recycled materials, biodegradable fibers, and renewable resources. Free People also supports several nonprofits directly, including Girls Inc., Philabundance, and Best Friends Animal Society. 5- Anthropologie Anthropologie works with numerous organizations to support communities nationwide and globally through their Philanthropic partnerships. They donate the net proceeds from the sale of limited-edition items to spread awareness and support their nonprofit partners’ causes. In 2021, Anthropologie also donated $100,000 to She’s the First, their first-ever year-round giving partner, and will offer several donation opportunities to continue showing their support for girls’ education. 6 – Bombas    Bombas believes that everyone deserves to put on clean clothes that feel good and strives to create a better world through its sell-one, give-one business model. For every sock purchase, Bombas donates a specially designed pair of socks to someone affected by homelessness. So far, the company has donated more than 43 million pairs to over 3,500 giving partners in the U.S.

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7 – Pura Vida Bracelets   Pura Vida Bracelets’ colorful and unique bracelets are handmade by artisans around the world. They partner with more than 175 charities and have donated over $3.8 million to date. Each bracelet purchased supports a specific cause, such as ocean conservation or animal rescue. 8 – Vesey    Vesey is a sustainable fashion brand that creates timeless pieces for the modern, conscious consumer. The company uses upcycled materials to create ready-to-wear garments, such as vintage denim jackets and off-cuts from their line of custom suits. A portion of their profits goes to organizations like Love One Community, San Francisco Pride, and Soles for Souls.   *Written by: Danielle Cohen We’re also grateful for all fashion brands stepping up to support the sustainable efforts across the world. By making changes and tweaks to everything from production decisions to marketing techniques, more and more brands are helping to create a more healthy and sustainable fashion industry.

Look good as you do good! 

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