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VZ Upcycled #humankind

In the era of fast fashion, it’s not uncommon for people to feel like they need to constantly update their wardrobe.

However, with the current climate crisis, it’s time for a shift in mindset.

According to a recent report by the Hot or Cool Institute titled “Unfit, Unfair, and Unfashionable,” limiting purchases of new garments to an average of 5 items per year can make a measurable impact on climate change.

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So, how can we reduce our consumption levels while still experimenting with style? Here are five tips to help achieve consumption levels in line with global temperature research:        

  1. Keep your current garments in good shape: Repair and mend when you can and wash at lower temperatures to maintain garments for their full life cycle. This simple step can help reduce the need for new garments.
  2. Buy second-hand: Clothing swaps, vintage stores, and thrift shops are a great way to get new-to-you garments while still keeping the 5-per-year allowance for fresh new clothes. Shopping second-hand not only helps the environment, but it also adds unique pieces to your wardrobe.
  3. Quality over quantity: Fast fashion is over. When it comes to special occasions, opt for classic and custom-made items from high-quality materials that you’ll wear again and again. Investing in timeless pieces that are well-made ensures that they’ll last for years to come.
  4. Upcycle: Taking something old and turning it into something new is a fun creative practice. If DIY isn’t your thing, there are several online options for finding upcycled wearables. Bonus points if your purchase goes towards supporting an environmental or human rights organization.
  5. Shop small: Massive corporations are the biggest culprits of carbon emissions and human rights violations in fashion. We have the ability as consumers to encourage brands to make big changes, and we can be activists for legislation that benefits the planet. Supporting small businesses that prioritize sustainability can make a big difference.

Soles 4 Souls Upcycled Fashion by VZ

Human Race Sweatshirt and Levi’s Upcycled denim jacket by Vesey









It’s time to rethink the way we approach fashion and make choices that benefit both ourselves and the planet. The Vesey brand has been in the sustainable fashion space for 15 years. We’re happy to help you navigate environmentally conscious decisions. Let’s make fashion sustainable for everyone!

*Written by:  Danielle Cohen

Look good as you do good! 

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In a global industry dominated by fast, disposable fashion, Vesey Exclusive’s mission is to create quality clothing that not only endures but has a positive impact on the earth. Since 1709, the Vesey family has taken action towards equality for all individuals.



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