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Design with a purpose for a better world

When you walk the streets of San Francisco, you experience everything the City offers. There are lights, people, and movement. One feels a waking and excited energy after a three-year slumber. One can see couples dining, friends connecting, and people of all ages expressing themselves through fashion.

It’s party season in many parts of the world, a time to gather with friends and take in the year’s successes. From the words you say, the food you host with, to the clothing you wear – your personal style is worth expressing. 

It’s time to celebrate:

  • Your point of view
  • Your purpose
  • The change you create in your community

Our team is especially celebrating the lauch of our new charity shop: 

Vesey Charity  is a public benefit fashion company helping you express your values through fashion. 

 — Celebrate big and celebrate wide, but as always do so in style!!  – VESEY


In a global industry dominated by fast, disposable fashion, Vesey Exclusive’s mission is to create quality clothing that not only endures but has a positive impact on the earth. Since 1709, the Vesey family has taken action towards equality for all individuals. 

LEARN MORE ➤ https://veseyexclusive.com/about

CONNECT WITH VESEY EXCLUSIVE ➤ https://veseyexclusive.com/

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CONNECT WITH VZ CHARITY ➤ https://vesey.shop
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/veseycharity/

How risk takers express themselves

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